The information below is offered as a guide only and was compiled from our experience, internet research and feedback from our customers. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you carefully check the dimensions of your bracelet against the ones of each charm before placing an order.

The most popular diameter of a charm bracelet is 3mm. This the chain itself, with  threaded ends of around 4mm diameter. Bracelets (and necklaces and anklets) of this style are the most popular by far and our charms are designed to fit these 100%. The brands of this style are -

PANDORA, CHAMILIA, BIAGI (later types have a stopper clip instead of threaded area but are still 100% compatible) CHRYSALIS, BACIO, TEDORA.

We sell 2 types of charms (as detailed in each description)

    - threaded types which are designed to screw onto a 3mm bracelet and  
    - slip on types which have a hole large enough to slide over this threaded part of the bracelet. 

* Some bracelets are designed with a smaller diameter and thread, meaning that standard European charms will slide on them but may look large in comparison to the original beads. The threaded beads will look a tighter fit on these bracelet types but the standard slip on ones may look too large. With these bracelets it is more a matter of personal taste.  All of our beads have the dimensions listed and smaller ones may look more at home on these bracelet types than larger ones. The bracelets below are of this type -


* Some bracelets are designed with a larger chain and threaded part. Standard beads will not fit this type of bracelet as the hole in the bead is too small. The bracelets in this category are-


Stopper Spacer beads with rubber cores do not fit LOVE LINKS bracelets or LEATHER Pandora ones.

Information will be added to this list as we receive it, remember that if an item doesn't fit, or even if it simply isn't to your taste, any items can be returned within 14 days for a full refund, no questions asked.